Date: 15th January 2001

Jennifer Lopez Gets Pushy -AGAIN

Feisty JENNIFER LOPEZ angered a British television presenter after ordering her bodyguards to move him out of the way - on his own show.

BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION presenter JAMIE THEAKSTON was standing in a corridor backstage on the set of hit British music show TOP OF THE POPS with the LOVE DON'T COST A THING singer when the incident occurred.

Theakston says, "I was looking at the show's running order and she was walking towards me, surrounded by people. The bodyguard just pointed at me to get out of the way, so that they wouldn't have to change direction. I nearly got into a fight." A source on the show adds, "It was incredible. Jamie was minding his own business when this bouncer came up to him and told him to move in a really aggressive way. "It was embarrassing later on when he had to introduce her."

When Theakston later spoke of the episode on his radio show on BBC's RADIO ONE show, guest SHARLEEN SPITERI of TEXAS joked, "
Oh, that was to make way for Jennifer's a**e then." The girlfriend of rapper SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS is known for her reported temper tantrums and bizarre demands for her 60-strong entourage. (RGS/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN