Date: 16th January 2001

Vinnie Jones Angered By Sexuality Quizzing

Tough guy actor VINNIE JONES threatened to hit an interviewer - after the SNATCH star was quizzed on bisexuality and his feminine side.

The former soccer (football) hardman even threatened to thump the interviewer as they spoke in Hollywood for American magazine STUFF 4 MEN.

Vinnie - star of gangster film LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS - was enraged while sitting through an interview in Hollywood. Reporter JON WILDE angered the star with the question, "What's your opinion of the idea that all men are essentially bisexual?" Vinnie raged, "I don't know what you're getting at, but you're f****** giving me the right hump. Ask someone else."

The actor was further angered when Wilde insisted, "You seem to have a soft side. Aren't you really a bit of a teddy bear?" Vinnie stormed, "You're taking the p*** now, I'll give you a right-hander. Do I look like a teddy bear? I've worked hard in my life and I don't expect people to take the p***. One thing I ain't is a f****** teddy bear." Earlier, Wilde teased, "You describe yourself as a man's man. Do you have any urge to get in touch with your feminine side?" Vinnie snapped, "No, that's b*******.

Men who write about that stuff probably go home and put dresses on. I can assure that, in the near future, I will not be taking steps in that direction."

Source: WENN