Date: 16th January 2001

Love Hewitt's Attached To Liotta's Crotch

Actress JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT's nerves were tested on the first day of filming new spy comedy BREAKER - she had to be attached to her hero RAY LIOTTA's trouser zip.

The teenage pin-up, who plays sleuth SIGOURNEY WEAVER's daughter in the project, was thrilled when she heard GOODFELLAS star Liotta would play her boss - until she realised exactly what that would involve on the first day of business.

She recalls, "My first two days of work were not exactly the norm. There I was, dressed in a skintight dress with back-less underwear, garters, the whole works. "And those few minutes were like, 'Hi, nice to meet you, Mr Liotta, now I'll be attached to your crotch. How you doing up there?' "That said, if you have to be attached to an actor's crotch, Ray Liotta's is the best. He really made it fun and easy." (KL/LADN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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