Date: 19th January 2001

Gibson Apologises For Billion Dollar Blunder

MEL GIBSON has issued a grovelling apology to movie maker WIM WENDERS and U2's BONO.

The MAD MAX hunk regrets calling their new film THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL, which has been slammed by critics, "as boring as a dog's a**" - and admits the rocker, who co-wrote the movie's screenplay, has every right to be furious.

Gibson, who plays a deranged detective in the dark movie, made the flippant comment to an Australian journalist. After hearing the insult, Bono retorted, "We had a 600 pound gorilla who was supposed to be our bodyguard on the project, Mel Gibson, and now he is sitting on our head."

Gibson says, "I take it all back. I did say that and it was unfortunate because it was in Australia after about 6,000 interviews. I had jet lag and someone asked a dumb question. "Being perverse in nature and partially self-destructive, it just kind of spewed out and I didn't take into account the other people who worked very hard and did a great job."

And Gibson insists reports about him trying to stop the release of the movie are completely untrue. He adds, "
It would be counter-productive for me not to release it." (KL/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN