Date: 19th January 2001

Lara Flynn Boyle Going Mad?

Friends of LARA FLYNN BOYLE fear the actress is losing a grip on reality - after publicly boasting about her bed-hopping, stealing from the WHITE HOUSE, and lying to her priest.

According to American tabloid THE GLOBE, friends of the TWIN PEAKS star, currently dating JACK NICHOLSON who is over 30 years her senior, fear her relationship with the BATMAN star has finally affected her sanity. In a recent interview with American magazine VANITY FAIR, Boyle stunned her fans by admitting she'd stolen a toothbrush holder from a White House bathroom during a New Year's Eve bash, as well as revealing she's proud of the notches she's carved on her bedpost since hitting Hollywood.

She also raised eyebrows when she bragged she used to "lie in confession," adding, "I'd never tell the Priests what I really did. I don't trust them." Friends admit her wacky outburst has got them worried. A friend confides, "That kind of crazy behaviour sounds like a cry for help. It seems like she'll do anything to get noticed. She doesn't appear to have any shame. She thinks she can get away with anything. "Lara's acting like she's nuts. It's time for her to grow up and behave like a responsible adult." (LE/TG/CPT)

Source: Studio Briefing



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