Date: 20th January 2001

Leo's 4-day Hotel Love-In

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and his lady GISELE BUNDCHEN barely left their hotel bedroom during their romantic break in London.

The TITANIC hunk and the luscious Brazilian model, who got engaged in October (00), were whisked off to the exclusive $3,600- a-night (2,400) suite at the plush BERKELEY HOTEL as soon as they landed - where they remained behind closed doors for most of their four-day holiday.

A source reveals, "On the odd occasion they did leave the room, they were very polite...but it was obvious they only had eyes for each other. They are so young and seem blissfully in love." The lovers did find time to down champagne in the hotel's exclusive BLUE BAR and shared romantic meals in a private dining room. (RP/WNTST/KW)

Source: WENN