Date: 20th January 2001

Mel Gibson's Raw Meat Diet Causes Concern

BRAVEHEART star MEL GIBSON has become the latest in a long line of Hollywood folk to embark on a bizarre diet.

Mel has decided that eating like a tiger will slow down the ageing process, so he is consuming raw meat, avocados and olive oil. But doctors warn that the strange eating plan could shorten his life.

A pal of the WHAT WOMEN WANT star says, "Mel's under the impression that eating raw beef will boost his immune system and slow down the ageing process, because once meat is cooked it loses some of its nutrients. "He says if tigers can eat raw steak, then so can he."

However, as diet specialist DR STANLEY TITLE points out, "
A middle-aged man should not be eating the fat that's in Mel's diet. Raw meat, avocados and olive oil all contain fat. The fact that it's raw doesn't take the fat out."

Dr Title also points out that tigers in the wild tend to live for 10 to 15 years and Mel is already 45. (KAB/WNTST/RGS)

Source: WENN