Date: 20th January 2001

Ritchie Moves On

Movie maker GUY RITCHIE is powering ahead with his follow-up to SNATCH - in a bid to prove to the world he can make films which aren't about gangsters and lads.

The stereotyped director feels it's time for movie makers to stop making 'lad' films - and he's going to be the first to make a change. He says, "The culture cannot stand any more ladism. I don't want to be an emblem of lad culture. It's time to move beyond that."

Ritchie, who married pop babe MADONNA last month (DEC00), has decided his next film will be a religious period piece - set in the Ottoman empire. He adds, "It will be about Christianity and Islam and the trajectory and consequences of religious donna. "It will have plenty of guns - they've just been invented, but I promise you it won't be a lad film set in the 16th century. It's time to do something different." (KL/LADN/CPT)

Source: WENN