Date: 25th January 2001

Leonardo Offered Cement Mixing Job

A Los Angeles concrete company has offered TITANIC actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO a new job - as a cement mixer.

The multi-millionaire actor has taken to advertising a Los Angeles cement company by wearing one of their promotional sweatshirts - after taking a shine to a builders' top when the firm installed a new swimming pool in his Hollywood Hills home. And the firm, SOUTHDOWN CONCRETE, is so delighted with the free publicity, they've offered to employ him if his movie career ever goes sour.

Human Resources chief SUE BEAVER says, "We're so delighted Leo's wearing our shirts round town. What an amazing free advert for us. "If he ever wants to come work for us, shovelling cement, there's a job for him. I don't know why he liked the shirt so much, but he must have persuaded one of his workers to give one to him." (SVD/WN/KW)

Source: WENN