Date: 24th January 2001

Madonna Insisted Ritchie Pay Big Bucks For Music

GUY RITCHIE used one of wife MADONNA's songs in his movie SNATCH - but the MATERIAL GIRL made sure he payed top dollar for the rights.

In one scene of the movie, VINNIE JONES switches on the car radio and Madonna's LUCKY STAR comes on. And Ritchie quickly discovered sleeping with the boss doesn't always get you things for free. He says, "I had RIVERS OF BABYLON by BONY M prior to that, and they wanted some absurd amount of money for it. I'd never really liked it as a track but I like the kitsch factor.

I also like the kitsch factor involved in LUCKY STAR and I had some contacts there. But I didn't get it for free, I can tell you. Still ended up paying through the nose for it." (SVD/PRE/PDD)

Source: WENN



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