Date: 7th September 2000

Matrix Set For Bigger And Better Fight Scenes

The fight scenes in the next two MATRIX movies are set to be more explosive and breathtaking than the sequences featured in thefirst.

Producers LARRY and ANDY WACHOWKSI have called on the stunt team to choreograph even more high kicking action, which proved a highlight in the flick with KEANU REEVES.

Fight co-ordinator WU PING is already at the drawing board stage for the fight scenes, even though he's filming another movie in Hong Kong - BLACK MASK 2.

And Ping is already auditioning potential fight doubles and
actors for the martial art scenes.

However, his search is going successfully - and the movie mogul is scouring agencies worldwide for martial arts actors with the right look for the film.

British martial art stunt agent Anthony Jones, of ZEON MANAGEMENT, says, "Wu Ping is looking for a really crack team of fighters. He's out to make the most compulsive fight scenes at the movies - and that's before the special effects.

He said he's looking for people, as he's not found the right faces yet... I suppose it's not easy finding 100 kilogram, martial
arts trained actors.

"Black Mask 2 will be a rehearsal place for the scenes. "

Source: WENN