Date: 30th January 2001

Leonardo DiCaprio Turns Camera Shy

Heart-throb actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is so upset by his weight gain that he shunned photographers at a prestigious film event on Saturday night (27JA01).

The TITANIC actor was due to receive an award at the RUDOLPH VALENTINO AWARDS in Rome, Italy, but spent most of his time secluded in his room at the Cavalieri Hilton. DiCaprio, 26, only accepted his prize from Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta after checking that there were no photographers in the room apart from his personal one and one from Italian news agency ANSA.

DiCaprio also demanded that the organisers guarantee, in writing, that there would be no secret photographers disguised as waiters at the event. A friend of the actor revealed, "Leo had to put on 18 kg (39lbs) to play his character in MARTIN SCORSESE's GANGS OF NEW YORK. He's always hated photographers but he avoids them like the plague now." (PDD/WNWPE)

Source: WENN



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