Date: 30th January 2001

Box Office Defies Super Bowl

Despite the distraction of the Super Bowl, the domestic box office performed strongly over the weekend, with Sony's The Wedding Planner debuting in first place with $13.5 million. Another film appealing primarily to young women, Paramount's Save the Last Dance, slipped to second place with $9.8 million, bringing its three-week total to $59.3 million. It cost just $13 million to produce. The top twelve films together earned $73.8 million, up a hefty 68 percent over the same weekend a year ago, according to Exhibitor Relations.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Exhibitor Relations (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date): 1. The Wedding Planner, Sony, $13,510,293, (New); 2. Save the Last Dance, Paramount, $9,777,335, ($59,323,722); 3. Cast Away, 20th Century Fox, $8,091,349, ($193,243,499); 4. Traffic, USA, $6,461,920, ($56,188,074); 5. Sugar & Spice, New Line, $5,891,176, (New); 6. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Sony Classics, $5,061,767, ($44,427,118); 7. Snatch, Sony, $4,706,743, ($15,713,514); 8. Finding Forrester, Sony, $4612998, ($35,677,842); 9. What Women Want, Paramount, $4,372,023, ($168,374,587); 10. Miss Congeniality, Warner Bros., $4,166,128, ($93,286,275).

Source: Studio Briefing



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