Date: 2nd February 2001

Lord Of The Rings Director Can't Wait For Film's Release

LORD OF THE RINGS director PETER JACKSON can't wait to see the film on the big screen.

The first part of the trilogy, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, will be released in Britain in December (01). Jackson says it's been tough filming all three movies at the same time. He explains, "I must say I'm really looking forward to finally getting the film out there for people to see it. "It will be a relief when the first movie at least finally hits the cinema screen. I'm actually looking forward to people looking at it. "It never really becomes real until that work can be shared and people can at last see the results and then it becomes tangible. I am looking forward to the day when everyone's hard work on these films can be shared with other people."

Jackson admits shooting the three films at once was hard work. He continues, "Nobody's ever shot three huge movies in a row before and I think the most interesting thing I've discovered over the past 14 months is exactly why nobody's done it. "Now I know and I know I won't be doing it again." (RGS/WNWCAN/PDD)

Source: WENN