Date: 3rd February 2001

Sam Raimi's Sinking Under Spiderman Pressure

Director SAM RAIMI is terrified about making the new SPIDERMAN movie - in case he lets his children down.

Raimi realises his portrayal of the beloved comic book character will become a hero to thousands of children around the world, and the responsibility is driving him mad. He says, "I'm terrified. I feel like I'm in a tidal wave and I'm currently upside down and I don't know which direction is up. "It's frightening because there are so many kids who Spiderman means so much to. I've got a grave responsibility on my shoulders because he is their hero. "As a father I feel a great deal of responsibility of pulling off the character for that reason. These kids are going to look up to whoever Spiderman is, so what shall he be?" (SVD/WK/CPT)

Source: WENN