Date: 7th February 2001

Exorcist Prequel Is Go!

The long-awaited prequel to the definitive horror movie THE EXORCIST has finally got the go-ahead.

Two critically-panned sequels already exist to WILLIAM FRIEDKIN's acclaimed supernatural tale and now, following the success of THE EXORCIST - DIRECTOR'S CUT last year (00), it's believed there's a market for more vomit-filled horror flicks.

The prequel, called EXORCIST: DOMINION, has been in the works for several years and has been penned by actor-director CALEB CARR. The movie will focus on the first battle between FATHER MERRIN - played by MAX VON SYDOW in the original - and the demon PAZUZU, while the young priest is doing missionary work in Africa.

A casting call has gone out in Los Angeles for a 10 to 14-year- old boy to take a leading role in the flick - presumably to play the unfortunate child who gets to 'host' the devil, just as LINDA BLAIR did in the 1973 film. The project has already been rubbished by original Exorcist scribe WILLIAM PETER BLATTY. (MCM/WNWCPO)

Source: WENN