Date: 9th February 2001

Hopkins Wants Plastic Surgery For Hannibal Role

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS would love to star in the prequel to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS - but he'll need plastic surgery first. The Welsh-born actor is about to scare movie-goers worldwide once more when he takes to the screen as serial killer HANNIBAL LECTER in HANNIBAL.

And Hopkins, 63, says he'd be delighted to play the madman for a third time if the trilogy's first flick MANHUNTER is remade - although as it's set 20 years before Hannibal, that might prove tricky. He says, "I guess I could go on playing him until I was 90 and I would be happy to, but how could I do the prequel? I'd need to look 20 years younger.

I'd need plastic surgery. "
But if there's a good script, I'd have to think very deeply about doing it..." (MCM/WNTEX)

Source: WENN