Date: 12th February 2001

Charlize Theron: Anthony Hopkins Is Hot

Movie star CHARLIZE THERON fancies actor SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS and doesn't mind that he is old enough to be her father.

Welsh-born HANNIBAL star HOPKINS is 63 while Theron is just 25. She says, "Anthony Hopkins is extremely attractive. It's kind of sick but especially in those 'Hannibal' movies because he does that thing where he just looks; he never blinks. "I've always been very bad with age in general. I don't know the ages of my friends and that gets them mad at me. It's something that I've never placed importance on and it's never been an issue for me in relationships - although I draw the line at 17-year-old boys because they tell me I have to!. But I think sometimes we put so much importance on age that we just drive ourselves completely insane. It's not a problem for me." (PDD/WN/PDD

Source: WENN



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