Date: 17th February 2001

Rami Refused To Meet Keanu At First

Movie maker SAM RAIMI refused to meet KEANU REEVES - because he was convinced the actor wasn't good enough to play a wife-beater in his supernatural thriller THE GIFT.

Like many of the stellar cast involved in the film, Reeves was keen to work with actress CATE BLANCHETT and felt sure he would be menacing as villainous character DONNIE BARKSDALE.

But Raimi felt sure Reeves was the wrong man. He says, "I thought they were crazy and I said, 'I don't want to meet him and then say no'. "I went in, dreading this meeting, but I found out I had been fooled just like everyone else. I just thought he was that kid from BILL AND TED, but he turned out to be this very intelligent young man." (KL/LAFR/RGS)

Source: Studio Briefing



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