Date: 18th February 2001

Jealousy Wrecked Tom And Nicole's Marriage

Jealous rages were at the core of TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN's marriage split, according to the couple's biographer.

WENSLEY CLARKSON claims advances towards his wife from movie stars JACK NICHOLSON and RUSSELL CROWE, and a bust-up with HARVEY KEITEL on the set of EYES WIDE SHUT broke Kidman's heart, because she was devastated to see the man she loved so angry and possessive.

The writer's new book, TOM & NICOLE: TOO MUCH IN LOVE - his second book about Cruise - reveals their marriage has been in trouble for years as Kidman fought for her freedom in the confines of a marriage dominated by her husband's jealousy. And by the time of Cruise's bust-up with Keitel, whose sex scenes with Nicole were cut from EYES WIDE SHUT when he quit the movie, Kidman had already resolved enough was enough.

Clarkson, 44, says, "Tom suggested his scenes with Nicole were too steamy. Tom insisted on being on set during the sex scenes and Harvey said it messed up his acting." The writer also claims he challenged Nicholson when he made comments about Nicole's legs while making A FEW GOOD MEN. He adds, "Tom stormed out of the room and Jack and Nicole continued flirting." (KL/NE/PDD)

Source: WENN



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