Date: 18th February 2001

Reeve Helped Neeson Pull Through His Crash

Tragic SUPERMAN star CHRISTOPHER REEVE helped Irish actor LIAM NEESON recover from a motorcycle smash that nearly killed him last year (00).

The STAR WARS actor was seriously injured when he crashed into a deer near his home in upstate New York. Paralysed Reeve helped him through his rehabilitation by ringing him and offering encouragement.

Neeson says,"I listened to him talking with his assistant breathing and it made me humble. It made me thankful for what I had. And there was me worrying about getting around - I stopped feeling sorry for myself after that." But while he made a good recovery, Neeson still finds some movements painful. He adds,"My sons and I love to wrestle but I've had to give it a break because one side of me hurts too much." (RXT/IOS/PDD)

Source: WENN



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