Date: 21st February 2001

Chris Rock: I Don't Deserve To Be A Star

CHRIS ROCK feels like a cheat - because he doesn't think he deserves his star status.

The NURSE BETTY actor and comedian has successfully climbed the show business ladder from the comedy club circuit to his own comedy show on American TV channel HBO, and now has a starring role in upcoming film, DOWN TO EARTH - but he's still not confident in his own abilities.

He explains, "I'm just a comedian. We diss ourselves. I can't really walk through life thinking I deserve this! That would make me an idiot, wouldn't it? Maybe I work hard but do I deserve this?! Do I deserve to get all this money? Do I deserve to live the way I live, really? "My brother Andre works just as hard as me, my brother Tony works just as hard as me. I don't deserve all of this so I beat myself." (RXM/WN/KW)

Source: WENN