Date: 21st February 2001

Titanic Man Cameron Wants To Make Movie On Space Station

TITANIC director JAMES CAMERON wants to make a movie on board the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - and has already discussed the idea with Russian authorities.

The Hollywood film-maker says the move could help recapture the enthusiasm the world felt for space exploration after the moon landing in 1969. The Canadian director has had tentative discussions on the subject with the Russians, major partners in the $60 billion (40 billion) ISS project. He says, "If such a thing proves to be possible, I think some filmmaker should go. "It should be someone who is dedicated to the cause of trying to popularise space flight again because the public has lost its passion."

Cameron talked about his plan at the annual meeting of the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (AAAS). But the TERMINATOR director says he would not go through with the project unless he was absolutely sure he had a winning idea. He adds, "
It's technically feasible but it would be very expensive. So, the question is, can you justify it with a commercial project that pays for itself?" (MCM/WNWCCB/RGS)

Source: WENN