Date: 10th September 2000

Robert Carlyle And Best Man In Cash Wrangle

Scottish star ROBERT CARLYLE is involved in a bitter argument with former best friend and fellow actor TOMMY FLANAGAN - over some missing money.

The TRAINSPOTTING actor is, according to Britain's SUNDAY MAIL newspaper, owed $18,000 (12,000) from Tommy - causing a fall out between the two, who were best men at each other's weddings. A mutual friend says, "I've been told it's 12,000 Tommy owes him. It appears that Bobby gave Tommy cash and he hasn't been too quick to pay it back. No one knows what the cash was for."

Another friend adds, "You would think, after all Bobby has done for Tommy, any row would have been sorted by Flanagan. He seems to forget just how good Bobby was to him." Tommy, who has appeared in hit movies GLADIATOR and BRAVEHEART, is no stranger to conflict. Last week (ends08SEP00) he was thrown out of a New York nightclub after allegedly spitting on a woman immune to his filmstar charms, whilst shouting, "Do you know who the f*** I am?"


Source: WENN