Date: 22nd February 2001

Russell Crowe At War With Director Taylor Hackford

Australian actor RUSSELL CROWE has lashed out at TAYLOR HACKFORD, the director of his new film PROOF OF LIFE.

Hackford, married to British sex siren HELEN MIRREN, said the star's relationship with co-star MEG RYAN had a disastrous effect on the movie. Crowe, 36, denies that his stormy affair with the gorgeous Ryan had anything to do with the flop - he insists it was not a success because of hits like THE GRINCH and MEL GIBSON's WHAT WOMEN WANT.

Hackford claims, "It had an indelible and very, very destructive effect on the release of the film in the US because the real-life story overshadowed the movie." Crowe fumes, "He said that? He's a f***ing idiot. No seriously - what a kn*b!" (AW/WNTST&WNTMI/PDD)

Source: WENN



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