Date: 23rd February 2001

Battle Over Nude Marilyn Photos

Internet auction house eBAY is to auction the model release for Hollywood legend MARILYN MONROE's famous nude pose,

Marilyn was a 22-year-old starlet when she posed for photographer TOM KELLEY on 27 May 1949 and received $50 (33) when she signed the model release form.

Now, Kelley's son TOM KELLEY, JR, 50, is to offer the document to the highest bidder and hopes to make $1million (666,666). He says the new owner will be able to use them in any way they want. However, the estate of Miss Monroe who died aged 36 under mysterious circumstances in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, on 4 August 1962, plans to contest the auction in court claiming the release infringes their copyright. (PDD/WNWR)

Source: WENN