Date: 24th February 2001

Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Dare To Bare For Apes

Fans of movie hunk MARK WAHLBERG are in for a sad disappointment - he'll be keeping his pants on for his role in PLANET OF THE APES.

Hunky Wahlberg, who plays CHARLTON HESTON's role in director TIM BURTON's remake of the 1968 movie, about a man who finds himself in a world entirely populated by Apes, says he won't be adopting Heston's loincloth costume, but will be more modestly attired. Wahlberg, a former underwear model and boyband idol, says, "Charlton Heston is a hard act to follow. But Tim Burton promised I didn't have to wear a loincloth!"

Heston is actually making a cameo in the movie, which also stars MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, TIM ROTH and HELENA BONHAM CARTER, but Wahlberg, who publicly joked that Heston should win a best villain award for being president of the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA), says luckily relations haven't been too strained. "Charlton's got a great sense of humour," he says. (LE/U/CPT)

Source: WENN



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