Date: 24th February 2001

Hannibal Hopkins Flees Haunted House

HANNIBAL actor SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS has fled his Los Angeles home - convinced that it is haunted by ghosts.

The OSCAR winner started to hear voices and see terrifying spectres in mirrors when he moved into the $450,000 (300,000) mansion in the remote Californian desert town of Ojai, according to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper. So convinced was the Welsh actor that the house was haunted that he fled after only a few days in residence and sold it back to the former owners for less than he paid.

Friends of the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS actor have said recently that his man-eating monster role has affected his state of mind and that he had taken to staring creepily about him like his evil character. (TM/WNTST/MCM)

Source: WENN