Date: 26th February 2001

Neeson, Hoskins TO Co-Star In Film About Wrongly Convicted Man

Liam Neeson and Bob Hoskins are likely to star in a film about what has been described as Britain's worst miscarriage of justice -- the conviction and 27-year imprisonment of Stephen Downing on a murder charge.

The film reportedly will focus on the successful efforts by newspaper editor Don Hale to have the conviction overturned. Titled In Denial of Murder, the film is being produced by U.S.-based Dave Hunt of FourBoys Films. Hale told the newspaper that he has been overwhelmed by the number of film and TV offers he has received for his story. "I've spent six years desperate for this kind of support and attention but have had to fight all the battles on my own. ... Then suddenly, from fighting against the current, I'm suddenly borne along on the crest of this enormous wave. It's the most extraordinary feeling."

Source: Studio Briefing