Date: 2nd March 2001

Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman Tipped For Ned Kelly Film

Director NEIL JORDAN wants BRAD PITT to star as Australian outlaw NED KELLY, with NICOLE KIDMAN to co-star as Kelly's sweetheart.

The Irish movie maker's film of PETER CAREY's bestseller THE TRUE STORY OF KELLY'S GANG is reported to have a $60 million (40 million) budget. Jordan is also hoping to cast antipodeans JUDY DAVIS and SAM NEILL, as well as JOHN HURT, for the story.

The film depicts the 19th century bandit of the bush as a ROBIN HOOD-style folk hero who only stole from the rich. Jordan's movie would allow Australian-born Kidman to be reunited with her family while lawyers deal with her divorce from TOM CRUISE.

A senior source told internet site ANANOVA, "She would love to return Down Under to film." The Aussie outlaw, famed for wearing a cast-iron bucket on his head for protection, was once played on screen by MICK JAGGER. (BR/WNWCAN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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