Date: 2nd March 2001

Helena Bonham Carter's Ape Love Triangle

The costume of HELENA BONHAM CARTER is proving so lifelike - that the chimpanzees on set of PLANET OF THE APES have got the hots for her.

The London-born actress plays ape princess ARI in the $120 million (80 million) remake of the 1968 CHARLTON HESTON classic. Her film combines actors in make up and real primates. During a scene with co-star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, one monkey got so jealous he lashed out at the actress. Michael explains, "The next thing I know he swung at Helena.

Director TIM BURTON said 'Michael, please don't mess with the chimp.' I said, 'I promise I won't."
The director, famed for his fantasy films like SLEEPY HOLLOW and the BATMAN movie series, is said to be terrified of the hairy creatures. (ES/WNTEX/RP)

Source: WENN



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