Date: 7th March 2001

Jurassic Park II Abandoned By Spielberg

The cast of JURASSIC PARK III are furious after being left to make the movie without the help of STEVEN SPIELBERG.

WILLIAM H. MACY who stars in the third instalment of the blockbusting dinosaur movie, says Spielberg, who is credited as executive producer on the project has yet to be spotted on set. Macy says, "There's a chair that's got Steven's name on it that's always on set. You don't know if it's a threat or a promise!"

The actor is also unhappy with the way the nine scriptwriters working on the film, which is directed by JOE JOHNSTON, are constantly changing the script as filming progresses. A furious Macy adds, "The script has been evolving and been rewritten as we go, for example. And what you want to say is, 'Who launched a $100 million dollar ship without a rudder? What kind of idiot is that? And who's getting fired for this? "But that's the way it goes. That's the way they make these movies. I think someone should be shot but I'm not in charge." (LE/AN/RP)

Source: WENN