Date: 11th September 2000

Stars Crusade For Man On Death Row

X-FILES stars GILLIAN ANDERSON and DAVID DUCHOVNY have joined forces with PEARL JAM's EDDIE VEDDER and TOM WAITS to campaign for the re-trial of a death row prisoner.

DAMIEN ECHOLS was one of three men arrested for the brutal murder of three eight-year-old children in West Memphis, Arkansas.

But, after two programmes entitled PARADISE LOST: THE CHILD MURDERS AT ROBIN HOOD HILLS were aired on American TV (96and00) celebrities helped begin a campaign to look into doubts over Echols' conviction.

SOUTHPARK creator TREY PARKER spoke out at this year's MTV Awards (SEP00) stating , "Free the West Memphis Three."
And PARADISE LOST's BURK SAULS says, "They say we're Hollywood people sticking our noses where they don't belong. But what happened in Arkansas is a threat to justice everywhere. It sounds corny but that is what I believe."
While GARY MITCHELL, a police officer from South Memphis says, "People have been swayed by a slanted film and celebrities." (SXH/YM/CPT)

Source: WENN