Date: 8th March 2001

Tyson Dropped From Ocean's Eleven

Boxing legend MIKE TYSON has been dropped from Rat Pack remake OCEAN'S ELEVEN because his rival LENNOX LEWIS is due to appear in the movie.

Director STEVEN SODERBERGH feared that real trouble would brew between the two boxers, known for their brutality toward each other in the boxing ring. Now Lewis will appear in the fight scene with Russian boxer VLADIMIR KLITSCHKO.

The film, currently in production, has been eagerly anticipated and has a star cast that includes JULIA ROBERTS, GEORGE CLOONEY, MATT DAMON, BRAD PITT, CASEY AFFLECK, BILL MURRAY, ANDY GARCIA, DON CHEADLE and ELLIOTT GOULD. (AW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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