Date: 8th March 2001

Russell Crowe's Death Fear

GLADIATOR star RUSSELL CROWE in under 24-hour security protection after a kidnap plot was revealed.

The OSCAR nominated actor, who played MAXIMUS in the epic Roman drama, will attend the ceremony surrounded by a bevy of bouncers after American police discovered the daring plan to kidnap the hunky star at the glitzy awards ceremony in Los Angeles later this month (25MAR01).

American detective MATT McLAUGHLIN said they had first heard of the plan in January (01). He says, "We are aware of the threats. It is an ongoing thing." British police were tipped off by the American authorities over a planned kidnap attempt at the premiere of Crowe's new movie PROOF OF LIFE last week (ends02MAR01). (ES/WNTSU/CPT)

Source: WENN