Date: 9th March 2001

Christopher Lee In Role For Next Star Wars Movie

GEORGE LUCAS has let slip that horror movie CHRISTOPHER LEE is to star in the next STAR WARS epic.

The DRACULA star, 78, is forbidden to speak about his role as COUNT DOOKU - and each page of his script has a metal security tag to ensure no pages go missing.

Lucas said, "I needed someone to bring stature, strength, and wisdom to the role. "I needed someone who could convey evil." The secret leaked out when Lucas wrote the foreword to a new biography of Lee.

RICHARD REYNOLDS, the managing director of the publishers REYNOLDS & HEARN, says, "
LUCASFILM is notoriously secretive but you can't legislate against the top man spilling the beans." (AW/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN