Date: 9th March 2001

An Everlasting Piece Launched

LATEST: STEVEN SPIELBERG's Irish-made movie AN EVERLASTING PIECE has had its first screening - despite the movie-maker's lack of support.

The comedy, about two wig makers in the north of Ireland, was shown last night (07MAR01) in Dublin, amid a flurry of controversy. Producer JEROME O'CONNAR is suing Spielberg's company and the film's American distributors DREAMWORKS for $10 million (15 million), alleging that the movie failed to secure an American national release because they slashed the project's promotional budget.

But a different company, COLUMBRIA TRI-STAR, are distributing An Everlasting Piece outside America - and they're doing everything possible to support the film. BARBARA MURPHY, a spokeswoman for Columbia Tri-star reports, "The film's director BARRY LEVINSON and the writer BARRY McEVOY are coming to Ireland in a few day's time to promote it." (KW/IS/RP)

Source: WENN