Date: 13th March 2001

Oscar Nominee Del Toro Gives Brad Pitt The Thumbs Up

Puerto Rican-born actor BENICIO DEL TORO has given the thumbs up to BRAD PITT - who based his role as a gypsy in SNATCH on the heart- throb.

TRAFFIC star Del Toro, says he was quite happy to hear from Pitt that his incomprehensible trailer park gypsy in GUY RITCHIE's gangster movie was based on Del Toro's portrayal of the mumbling FENSTER in THE USUAL SUSPECTS. Del Toro says, "I don't think he ripped me off." "We talked about it. He came up to me and told me he was doing a version of what I did, and I said, 'I'm dying to see it'." "He did a terrific job. If he hadn't, I would have said, 'F***'." (LE/TK/CPT)

Source: WENN



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