Date: 14th March 2001

Joaquin Sick Of Gladiator

Actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX is fed up with being asked about his part in GLADIATOR - because he'd rather focus on the future.

Phoenix, who has an OSCAR nomination for his emperor role in the film, has since made two other movies and can't understand why everyone wants to keep talking about the past.

He explains, "I've done two movies since Gladiator, and I'm focused on them now. It's strange to talk about work that's in the past, to talk about it as if you just walked off the set. "And you know, this is just part of the ongoing process. It's not the pinnacle, because nothing is on the pinnacle. I've been acting since I was eight years old, and one of the great things is that I have had the opportunity just to be an actor, to learn the technical stuff, to have time to figure out if it was what I really wanted. "There was no snowball to stardom." (RGS/U/KW)

Source: WENN