Date: 15th March 2001

Panic Last Minute Work On Banderas Movie

The director of ANTONIO BANDERAS' new movie SPY KIDS has been working around the clock - to ensure the flick is ready in time for its premiere this weekend (24/25MAR01).

According to FROM DUSK TIL DAWN director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, the DIMENSION film, which opens 30 March (01) "looks like a $100 million (66 million) movie" - but still needs a lot of work to meet its deadline. Rodriguez assures, "It didn't cost an arm and a leg. It was $36 million (24 million)."

The film-maker says a lot of money was saved by taking on multiple jobs himself. He explains, "Besides the usual write-produce-edit, I'm the sound mixer and the visual supervisor. I thought, 'With all the advancements in technology, I have to learn to direct computer graphics.' "I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. It's a lot of detail work. I've never worked harder." Spy Kids, which gets its unveiling at the new DISNEY'S CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE park - the event benefiting the JUVENILE DIABETES FOUNDATION - also stars TERI HATCHER, CARLA GUGINO, ALAN CUMMING and CHEECH MARIN. (RGS/LADN/CPT)

Source: WENN