Date: 15th March 2001

Heath Ledger's Thong Moments

HEATHER GRAHAM's boyfriend HEATH LEDGER got himself in a few sticky situations when he first moved to America - because he didn't understand the language.

The BOOGIE NIGHTS babe has been reading up on Australian slang so she and Ledger can understand one another - but it wasn't always easy for people to understand what the Aussie hunk was talking about.

Heather explains, "The word thong means flip flop in Australia, and when people talk about Christmas they're talking about Summer. So he was getting in trouble when he was talking to American acting agents. "They'd ask him what he does in Australia at Christmas, and he'd answer, 'Well, you know, we just all sit around in our thongs and take it easy.' He didn't realise they thought he was sitting in his g-string." (SVD/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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