Date: 16th March 2001

Lopez Sees The Funny Side of Co-Stars' Bum Taunts

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY upset his co-star JENNIFER LOPEZ when he used a snap of her bottom for a cheeky on-set game - but the star now realises she was "silly" to complain.

The curvy singer and actress admitted the Texan star hurt her feelings when he ridiculed the size of her infamous behind while they made the movie Wedding Planner, The (2001) last year (00) - and used the picture of her semi-exposed bottom to play 'pin the tail on Jennifer'.

A regretful Lopez now says, "For once, I didn't follow my mother's advice, which is not to moan or cry. "I did that at the start of my career and she scolded me. When you're working with boys, that's what they will be - boys. "So, you get on with it. You don't snap. Matthew is a lovely guy. I was being silly." (MB/WNWC/CPT

Source: WENN



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