Date: 17th March 2001

Will Smith Sued Over Bodyguard

Movie hunk WILL SMITH and his actress wife [JADA PINKETT SMITH} are being sued - for stealing a bodyguard.

Minder RAN FRANCKE was hired by the pair from the security firm SCREEN INTERNATIONAL SECURITY SERVICES (SISS), and the Hollywood pair liked him so much that he left the company to work for them exclusively. But Francke's move angered his former firm so much they are now suing the couple, claiming Francke used the confidential information he gained through working for them to land his new job.

The lawsuit specifically singles out Pinkett, and accuses both her and Francke of, "malice because they knowingly and wilfully conspired and agreed among themselves to damage SISS." (RP/O/CPT)

Source: WENN