Date: 17th March 2001

Comedian Accuses Tom Hanks of Stealing His Material

MATERIAL OSCAR winning actor TOM HANKS is keeping tight-lippped after being accused of stealing a comedian's material.

Comedian DAVID RUBIN has complained to the American press that the CAST AWAY (2000) star swiped his routine almost verbatim when he appeared on the American TV's TONIGHT chat-show, presented by the former stand-up comedy star JAY LENO.

Rubin fumes, "I want people to know he stole my material. There's no question about it. I spent three years of my life creating my act." The comic claims he has tapes of his act going back three years, and American radio presenter HOWARD STERN is reportedly interested in airing both the tapes and the Hanks interview for a comparison. (RP/O/CPT)

Source: WENN