Date: 21st March 2001

Whitney In Line To Play Bond Babe

Chart star WHITNEY HOUSTON is lined up to play opposite PIERCE BROSNAN in the next JAMES BOND movie.

The sexy I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU hitmaker will meet with DANA BROCCOLI, chairman of James Bond production company DANJAK, later this week (ends25MAR01). Broccoli, the widow of the late Bond producer [Albert "Cubby" Broccoli], has the final say on anything to do with the Bond movies. It was her who decided to cast sexy SEAN CONNERY as Bond - and she is "extremely keen" to snap the singer up.

Whitney, 37, has already had experience on the silver screen, playing the female lead opposite KEVIN COSTNER in BODYGUARD, The (1992)

A source says, "Whitney be also be a perfect choice to sing the big song from the soundtrack because of her amazing voice. "She has all the glamour, talent and star power to make a huge impact." (AW/WNTSU/PDD)

Source: WENN



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