Date: 21st March 2001

Sigourney Weaver Tempted By Alien Sequel

SIGOURNEY WEAVER is tempted by the idea of doing an ALIEN (1979) sequel - if there's enough cash involved.

The American actress first appeared as RIPLEY in the 1979 original, and has starred in three further Alien films. And now she's delighted fans of the cult sci-fi movies with the news that a final chapter in the series may be on the way.

Weaver, 51, says, "I'm in good shape but it's going to be a question of the script and the budget. These movies cost a lot of money. But if everything is in place, why not? I think there is room for another story, perhaps a final glorious chapter." The 'final' Alien movie is likely to be based on Earth, according to press reports. (KW/WNWCAN/NFA)

Source: WENN