Date: 24th March 2001

Steven Seagal Infuriates Co-Stars With Late Starts

Action hero STEVEN SEAGAL and rapper DMX infuriated cast and crew on the set of their new action movie EXIT WOUNDS (2001) by repeatedly failing to turn up on time for work.

A source who worked on the high-action film says production was delayed by weeks and scheduling thrown into turmoil by the two stars' demanding behaviour, which led to shoots being cancelled at the last minute and left cast and crew fuming. The source says, "DMX would have to report to the set at 9am and at 6am he'd go to sleep in his trailer and then just not turn up at nine so it would mess up everyone's schedule.

Steven was the same. He'd turn up when he felt like it, was always in a bad mood and generally threw his weight around on set. "It was a very difficult shoot. They're not easy to work with." The movie, which also features TOM ARNOLD, stars Seagal as a tough inner-city cop who stumbles across a web of police corruption. (LE/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN