Date: 25th March 2001

Liz Hurley Strips For A Fan

Saucy model and actress ELIZABETH HURLEY shocked onlookers in a nightclub by tearing off her panties - and giving them to a fan.

The 35-year-old BEDAZZLED (2000) star responded to a souvenir request from a reveller in a club in SANTA MONICA, America, by reaching under her skirt and pulling off her red panties. With a smile, luscious Liz told the astonished fan, "I hope they bring you luck."

An onlooker at the trendy CHEZ JAY'S nightspot said, "She was outrageous. None of us could believe how boldly she behaved. The man expected nothing more than an autograph. But she obviously got more of a buzz out of undressing for him." (EJB/WNTST/MCM)

Source: WENN