Date: 12th September 2000

Kate Is A Natural

TITANIC star KATE WINSLET has decided on a natural childbirth next month (OCT00) - replacing traditional painkillers with needles.

The expectant Oscar nominated actress will brave the pain barrier turning to acupuncture to help her through the birth of her first child - because she thinks people make too much of a
fuss about the most natural process in the world. She says, "Giving birth is what we're designed to do so we should bloody well get on with it."

And the 24-year old HIDEOUS KINKY star who is due in three weeks (ends1OCT00) believes her movie career has prepared her for the birth.

She says, "I've had a good training for labour with some of my film roles, especially TITANIC when I was emersed for days in freezing tanks of water!"


Source: WENN