Date: 29th March 2001

Kelly McGillis Sick Of Top Gun Fans

TOP GUN (1986) star KELLY McGILLIS who expect to find TOM CRUISE by her side when they visit her KELLY'S BAR AND GRILL restaurant.

The actress, who owns the Caribbean eatery in Key West, Florida, played CHARLOTTE in the flying school film, which launched hunky Cruise's career back in 1986.

She says, "They come in asking, 'where's Tom?' I say 'I don't know. I guess he's somewhere else.' And they say, 'well aren't you married?' I have to say to them, 'That was a movie - it was fake.'"

Nowadays, the actress has swapped her curly blonde locks for a short brown crop, much to the disbelief of her customers. She says, "People come in and go, 'You cut your hair.' And I go, 'Yuh, I've cut my hair in the last 15 years. I hope you have too.' It drives me a little nutty." (ES/WNBGU/KW)

Source: WENN